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@ilvipero good idea. I do not think I can take new feature requests at this point, as there is a whole lot of stuff I want to get finished first, but something to revisit and start planning for in April. I will add this to the backlog, thank you!

@reiso I see, thanks for the input. I have used trello maybe once in my life, so really not used to what colors are often picked for what things.

I will see about adding some header or footer notes about what each color means. can simply be another todo item there :P

@reiso well, my overall idea is..

yellow: packaging stuff or related to kxstudio repositories

orange: articles or things to write (usually releases or news)

green: coding task which is similar to something I did before, so "easy" to do

red: bugfixes

blue: porting over something that already exists/was done before. involves boring, copy, paste & adjust work

pink: brand new projects or things to do, which usually involve learning, research, testing, etc. can take long.

does that make sense?

@be that is sorta the idea, as likely monthly updates might be too spread out and too few.
that said, writing about current progress also takes time, sometimes from the actual work in question.. so there is a balance to achieve here, I think.

Currently testing making public my current FLOSS work status, with a kanban-style board. Not just to make others aware of short/medium-term plans, but also things that are currently being worked on behind the scenes that usually are not seen until a big flashy release.

What do you think?

@kirschwipfel it can do a lot of things, so it seems normal to have many options. that does not make it very complicated IMO, just more featureful.

@unfa I would say so... until I tried powershell. it does basically what a bash shell does on linux, plus some fancy programming stuff on top.

I have seen people using CLI for loading up old MS-DOS games and emulators, it is really not that complex if there is a guide to accompany that tool.

@unfa @xgqt @hoergen can we s/normies/dummies/ or is that too much? 😝

youtube-dl CLI usage is one of the simplest I have ever come across (when we compare to the amount of options it has). compared to something like gstreamer or ffmpeg, youtube-dl is a no-brainer. it is like, good CLI UX, if that makes sense..

Carla 2.3-RC1 released!
See the release announcement at
Tagged as RC because of many internal changes and reworked macOS/Windows build setup.

@be there are many other reverbs you can use. roomy from artyfx is another very good one, see

it is based on zita-reverb, but with less controls so as it make it more noob friendly

@davidak @be @wolftune @snowdrift that has been the case for several years now. hope it succeeds in what it wants to do, it is a very big uphill battle.

@be hah I know the author, wolftune hangs out in IRC channel usually :)

ok so, as a step towards pushing for more open-source work remuneration, I have setup github sponsors stuff. see it at

I know not everybody likes github, but we have to appreciate their effort of trying to bring money to such projects. I have as a backup in case everything fails.

I will be setting up "sponsor" links in all my projects, like you can see in

On the topic of opensource work and donations, I have always been too ashamed to ask for anything.

I already have a liberapay and patreon page, plus a dedicated donations page on site, but they are often sorta hidden away, I never really "advertise" them.

But as life situation gets complicated, it is time to change that, right?
It is still a dream to work on open-source stuff full-time, but feels like the right time now to try and push for it.

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@unfa @hoergen @LuKaRo @be not everyone has enough leverage to do that. when you are in a real need of a job, you take whatever is available. it is a risky move, as companies will assume you dont care about them but are only there to "pass time working" until your real work comes. which is true most often than not, but it is something they do not like to be said out loud..

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