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I was going to do something and then my cat sat on me and now I can’t.

One of the perks of modular open-source design.
We can just take stuff other people did, that is also open-source, and put it together with ours.
Jean Pierre Cimalando was doing some tests and we got DPF rendering "Dear ImGui" [1] stuff for audio plugin usage.
It does really work! Of course with some caveats, but looks quite promising.


Most are not following along, but progress on update DPF to use latest upstream pugl is going very well.
Can already build all the example plugins, tested with and it runs with 0 changes required in the code.
Keyboard input and a few other minor things not handled yet, but it is just a matter of hooking up the events now.

Rezound with a small update for Qt5 support looks quite decent.

Maybe a good alternative to Audacity?

Last month there was no "kxstudio monthly report", due to special circumstances not having a whole lot of stuff to mention/talk about.
But no news is bad news, kinda... So I published a mini-patreon update just now

Can you imagine Audacity using Qt and Carla's custom theme?

I guess it would look a little something like this...

🧙 🚀

works on a real windows too, trying quickly in a VM with a custom theme.

btw, I did not know before, but wxwidgets supports Qt... that leads to some interesting ideas 🤔

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the condition to watch a live bandcamp stream is a 'fan' account there (it's free), but I wonder how many of you have a bandcamp account?

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Progress on custom Audacity build.
win64 binary building and running via Wine for quick testing (yes, cross-compiled mingw64 stuff from Linux)
Recording works, LV2 plugins are available to use, which is nice to see.
Still on the tweaking of build system. Will try win32 builds next, then macOS-universal.

Telemetry tracking coming to an audio editor near you!

Their decision is official.
(Not hot-linking to PR in question on purpose)

> We're closing this PR. We've taken on board 'no Google' and 'no Yandex' and Muse are now looking for a good alternative (thanks to those who recommended other open source solutions by the way). Please understand that this will take a little time to organize and a concrete plan will be published soon - at any rate this week.

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the updated link is now

but seeing as there is no notification for when a live stream starts, I might go to the path of using non-unique URL (which then in this case does announce it)

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@falktx looks like it drew inspiration from this illustration, which was on the cover of tape op magazine in 2012.

Glad to see 'right to repair' getting some mainstream public attention.
Starting from Louis Rossmann that is pushing hard for it as much as he can, to big YouTube channels like LTT and MKBHD talking about it as well.
Leaving here some links to all those 3 videos.


PS: I know it is YouTube, not everybody likes it, but it is where most video creators and audience are at the moment.

I do not know where this comes from, someone shared it at work.
But pretty funny and informative at the same time

under ideal conditions, I am having 10ms latency for browser audio "recording".
this does not take into account internet/network, just local.
it is not very stable at that, often being at 20ms and at worse 40ms.
I dont think it is possible to go lower than this for the inputs.

now, from my tests before the playback latency is usually much lower, but still have to find a good way for this in native code and no more python...

Been doing some tests regarding audio latency in browsers, with intention of lowering it for realtime use.

The results are not so great...

WIP, have some ideas still on things to try.

PS: Yes I did try WebRTC as well, but that doesn't matter for these tests yet because I am still running everything locally.

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