A new release of my favorite audio tool is here, by yours truly ;)

@falktx cool. KXStudio vs Ubuntustudio - what'd you say?

@iaad It is not a fight, there are usecases for both. And it is not something that can be compared directly anyway

@falktx ah, okay... maybe I misunderstood. I thought these were both modifications of a "normal" linux distribution, like UbuntuStudio clearly is... but now I see, KXStudio seems to be just a repository for specialized software.

So can I use them both together? Or what usecases do they target exactly?

@iaad KXStudio used to have an ISO/linux-distro, but I stopped that for now as it is quite a lot of work to maintain.

You can use them together, but the UbuntuStudio is doing a lot of work so that the KXStudio repositories are not needed. Carla is in Ubuntu thanks to them 😎

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