Making the KXStudio homepage more mobile friendly, getting most of the contents to be friendly to vertical layouts.
Still need to figure out a way to do a "hamburguer" menu or something to access all the previous menu entries.
But the content should be way more responsive compared to before.

Please give it a try at

Do you spot anything wrong?

PS: If you visited the page before, you might need to force-reload to get rid of browser cache.

falktx boosted is still working to get launched, and we've made huge progress in charting the path forward. You can help too!

New blog post "What Snowdrift Needs to Launch"

#snowdrift #volunteer #elm #haskell #coooperatives #governance #flo

Finally it was my turn to get a vaccine too.
Quite straight forward and painless.
I was given the janssen one, so no 2nd round next month needed.

Please get yours too, and eventually we can all get together again safely. 🤗

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crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

An argument against client-side decorations (CSD) as a picture.

Can you guess which applications use CSD and which ones use SSD?

The inconsistency on these commercial applications is a constant annoyance...

My poor little server, so much ffmpeg importing @unfa 's videos 😂 😂 😂

Anyone knows of a good collection of Reverb IR files that are CC-0/public-domain licensed?

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I saw people worried about #vaccines causing death. My wife is a doctor so I asked her.

It's complicated, but the general takeaway is: all medicine has risk involved. Just like driving a car or even walking near a roadway. Yet the risk vs reward ratio is usually such that we decide to use medicine. In people who don't have strong independent risk factors vaccines should not cause issues. There's always outliers, but generally vaccines save way, way more lives than they cost.


A new JACK2 release. 🚀
Don't forget to restart the JACK server after the update.

LWN has a little article on github copilot

Also links to which is pretty interesting

I like this quote from the github gist:
> The inevitable conclusion is that Copilot can and will write security vulnerabilities on a regular basis


On the topic of telemetry and tracking, did you know nvidia drivers on Windows come bundled with a bunch of tracking software services?
Get some free tracking with your drivers! ☢️

An old article about this, not sure if still up to date, but still quite "interesting"

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My new video is public on YouTube!
It's a 1.5 hour long in-depth tutorial about making sound files loop seamlessly (using Audacity and Ardour for comparison).
#unfa #Audacity #Ardour #FOSS #AudioProduction #SoundDesign

The audacity desktop application now has a privacy notice, as expected.
Read it at

I found this part particularly "interesting"...
> The App we provide is not intended for individuals below the age of 13. If you are under 13 years old, please do not use the App.

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