It could not get more obvious than this... shitty mobile applications that keep reading the clipboard every couple of seconds or keystrokes.
Trying to grab some extra user data behind the scenes...?

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I have a PinePhone now! 🚀
A couple of things don't work yet (camera and gps), but I might just be able to help out perhaps.
SSH'ing into your phone to run regular linux stuff is just so awesome. Damn it took long to get here..

A few pics here if you want to see it. 😃

Finally making some time for cross-platform things.
First up, updated jack2 in macos, success!
Just need to get qjackctl building too now.

(ignore the xruns, was testing many things together)

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Helio is a libre music sequencer designed to help the composer focus on the notes. It runs on all major platforms, including Android! You can compose on the go, and export MIDI files to turn the sketches into full-blown pieces later!
#MusicProduction #LibreAudio #FOSSaudio #MusicComposition #MIDI #Sequencer #Helio #Android

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crossposting this from twitter.

fediverse, I'm looking to enlist a UI designer for some (paid!) audio software design work. the ideal person for this role:

1) is a UI designer
2) knows their way around music software
3) can write GLSL shaders or has an interest in learning
4) is taking contract work

if this is you, or you know somebody who fits this description, please get in touch :D

damn juce is now so bloated we need to use "-Wa,-mbig-obj" for building in debug mode... 😱

The MOD Dwarf kickstarter campaign has started!
Proud to be part of the team.
Check it out, 😎

Glad to see it is not just me avoiding discord.

We have much better freedom-respecting options nowadays anyway.

As someone that cares about data privacy, after watching this video I must absolutely recommend it.
It is a good take on a person trying to explain the issue to someone not very conscious/caring of it yet.

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today I realized mobile data would not cut it for me in the new office. so I went to setup a contract with an internet provider...
they are passing by tomorrow morning and by noon I will have 100Mb fiber internet.

I was so used to internet being shit in germany (berlin).
I thought I would have to wait 2 weeks, and then be on watch all day.
hah, none of that shit here, wow 😎

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Recently began setting up an office for work and other things. The important working area is mostly ready 😀

Recently began setting up an office for work and other things. The important working area is mostly ready 😀

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