I'd be curious to find a better alternative to speedtest.net. SO I checke it, but what's the deal here iwth the Adblock warning. Doesn'yt seem to me like it's legit. If they want to make money off of ads - thats' fine, but do you think it's true that an ad blocker can make this test fail? This looks strange.


@unfa I use ublock and didnt see such a thing. It was the first time for me using this site, so I am not sure how good or bad it is.
I can understand the adblock thing, speed tests are very expensive to maintain. But for sure it is not an error to have it, they just scare people into disabling it there.

@falktx Yeah, that's what I thought. I'd much prefer if they took an honest approach. I do disable Adblock on sites that ask for it and provide me with good content or services.

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