I have a PinePhone now! πŸš€
A couple of things don't work yet (camera and gps), but I might just be able to help out perhaps.
SSH'ing into your phone to run regular linux stuff is just so awesome. Damn it took long to get here..

A few pics here if you want to see it. πŸ˜ƒ

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What's the impression regarding responsiveness & general usability?

I am considering a #pinetab for the couch.

What chat app are u using?

BTW, your #nextcloud is quite fast. Would be interested about the hosting setup.

@nurinoas resposive the device is most of the time, I had to type a few commands on the terminal to get ssh working. after some minutes I was getting used to it. still locks up sometimes for a few seconds though, software issue for sure...
I also only tried ubuntu touch, so not much experience yet.
pinephone is releasing postmarketos edition next, so in some weeks I can try those builds.

@nurinoas chat is TELEports (telegram ubports). It works but very WIP, some clear issues can be seen. bottom text is not visible when opening keyboard. so I have to type while not seeing what I am typing haha.

oh and my nextcloud is running on a hetzner server, no complains at all about them.
even uses disks, not ssds, so it could be made faster.
it just has lots of ram so it caches a lot of stuff.

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