New JACK2 release is here.

Focus on the macOS/Windows side this time, due to the improved work on cross-platform builds basically.


PS: I am done with releases for the day. Sorry for the spam

@falktx I just overhauled PortAudio's CMake support I remembered JACK is cross platform so the check to enable the JACK host API is not guarded by any checks for the OS. So what if you built PortAudio with the JACK backend on Windows and told JACK to output to the JACK PortAudio backend? 😆 I think it would end up as a roundabout way to have an application output as a JACK source without connecting it to a hardware output.

@falktx I think you'd need to build PortAudio without JACK, then build JACK linking to that, then rebuild PortAudio with JACK, then rebuild JACK linking to the new PortAudio.

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