On the topic of opensource work and donations, I have always been too ashamed to ask for anything.

I already have a liberapay and patreon page, plus a dedicated donations page on site, but they are often sorta hidden away, I never really "advertise" them.

But as life situation gets complicated, it is time to change that, right?
It is still a dream to work on open-source stuff full-time, but feels like the right time now to try and push for it.

@falktx i say put them everywhere. With the way we are bombarded with ads these days, I’m way more eager to spend some money on something I stumble across for something I appreciate.

@be hah I know the author, wolftune hangs out in IRC channel usually :)

@falktx @be he is also here @wolftune

@snowdrift is not yet open for projects, but it is being actively worked on

@davidak @be @wolftune @snowdrift that has been the case for several years now. hope it succeeds in what it wants to do, it is a very big uphill battle.

@falktx The community owes you big time. Don't be ashamed to let them support your work. Especially if they know their donations will enable you to keep doing what they value so much. You are a precious part of the FOSS audio community.

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