@tromino audio plugins in flatpak cant really be a thing unless tied to the same libraries as the ones used in the host.

@falktx they are a thing now, daws installed through flatpak need all audio plugins to be installed the same way (the ardour flatpak optionally requires everything under org.freedesktop.LinuxAudio.Plugins)

@tromino not really sure how that works...
so ardour has its own set of plugins that can be installed for it? because if/when other daws have different library versions, this will require alternative versions of these plugins as well.
there are a LOT of sorta-duplicated-but-not-really binaries of plugins and libraries...

@falktx no, those packages are accessible by any flatpak daw that wants to use audio plugins (and they're not ardour-specific)

you can do `flatpak search linuxaudio` to show all the existing available ones


@tromino I dont have flatpak setup here. but anyway, this will become a problem when mixing shared libraries.we already have that issue with ardour and aubio libs.. but this is likely not the place for this type of discussion.

to summarize, not coming to flatpak from my side, as I prefer to build things statically (so a binary will work on any system). but of course anyone is free to package/add them to flatpak, I can review such package.

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