I was curious and tried Vitalium on macOS.
It has the same crashes and issues that appear on Linux LOL.
Yay for cross-platform consistent crashes! 😂

(The same presets that crash lv2 version on Linux also crash it on macOS, and the same GL state mess on window re-creation is there too)

@falktx Is Vitalium using JUCE wrong or is the mess in JUCE? Or both?


@be not sure yet...

vital has some custom juce patches that I still need to apply to distrho juce fork.
so I need to manually diff the vital juce code dump, because damn it, it was really just a lazy dump of code for that release 😡
there is no history, or use of submodules for anything that could be a little clean...
so maybe after those changes are applied it works better, will verify soon.

also, the public code is old compared to latest commercial release, I bet we are missing bugfixes

@falktx That is unfortunate and frustrating. Maybe Alex has a repo with history showing his changes to JUCE but he did not think to publish that part? I think it is worth asking.

@be you mean Matt? It is worth asking, even if I do not feel like it will be very fruitful.

@falktx haha yeah sorry for mixing up his name

@falktx @be Designing and implementing an advanced synthesizer plugin with the quality of other proprietary commercial synth plugins, giving it away for free and even releasing the source as GPL is not what I call lazy... sure he does not invest his life in supporting a project around the open source. I fail to see why he would be entitled to do that though.

@weirdconstructor @falktx Yes, sure "lazy" may be too harsh. But keeping a good Git history is good practice regardless of the licensing of the code.

@be @falktx He probably has a good Git history, but there is probably sensitive stuff in his private repository (API keys? maybe accidental?), extracting that into a clean history is quite a hassle. And copying JUCE into the project was probably much easier than making a public fork of it for adjustments. I'm just reasoning from shortcuts that I sometimes take to keep the momentum going.

@weirdconstructor the synth itself is not lazy by any means, but the way the code was released was, to a certain degree.

but I am grateful we have that now

@falktx I think I just felt indirectly pressurized about the stuff that I publish myself. That I might not be able to put in enough work in my spare time, that _my_ efforts of publishing my code is called lazy at some point. I kind of feel that coming for me, because my pet projects come and go, and I can't invest my spare time into things that don't make me happy.

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