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@Linux4Everyone please do not use Discord for FOSS things, it is really promoting bad practices...

getting really hard to avoid now :(

@falktx I have 700+ people in our Discord server. Should I NOT tell them about all the great projects FOSS developers are working on?

Please, please, do not have this kind of gatekeeping attitude.

@Linux4Everyone it is not gatekeeping to want open-source, privacy-respecting tools for the community.
might as well be on facebook then, it has the largest amount of users possible.

as someone who cares about my own privacy, sorry but services like those are abhorrent.

on an alternative POV.. what about all the people that are not ok with discord ToS? they can't join your community.


@rghvdberg @Linux4Everyone matrix seems to be the best place to be right now yes

hope their IRC bridge keeps working for many years πŸ–₯️

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@falktx @rghvdberg @Linux4Everyone
I believe matrix have a discord bridge, so you can connect your communities together. Its the best of both worlds.

@futureisfoss @falktx @rghvdberg We've connected them, but Matrix leaves something to be desired. It doesn't have the same "rich experience" as Discord with the various channels and integrated features.

But matrix has `/confetti` and that blows any other messaging client away.
Try it, you'll love it
@futureisfoss @falktx

I'm not saying that you shouldn't use discord at all. We have to be in non-private platforms to share the message of privacy to those who don't know, talking about the importance of privacy on a privacy friendly platform is like preaching to the choir. I'm just saying that you shouldn't promote the use of these platforms, we're on it just cause there are more people on them.
@falktx @rghvdberg

@futureisfoss fair enough. but feels very odd (to say the least) to be asking people to join such platforms.

it is a tricky situation... as a developer I do not want to promote or even tolerate abusive choices from some platforms. yet 99% of people are on there.
it sets a bad example for others in my view, where it can easily lead to the impression that these platform practices are tolerable.
so while we purposefully avoid those places, how do we reach their people at the same time? we can't :(

In this case, the matrix bridge helps a lot imo. Matrix users appear as bots in discord, this sometimes start a conversion about matrix among discord users. Another thing to keep in mind is to never promote such platforms - in the above message, he could've at least mentioned matrix and talk about discord as a second option. I don't know what he himself use, but its better to be on a FOSS platform, so that his followers see him use it and maybe decides to join.

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