Anyone knows of a good collection of Reverb IR files that are CC-0/public-domain licensed?

@sjaehn no, for shipping with a commercial product without worries.

typical CC-by license makes the music you produce using those works (samples, IR files, etc) also bound by the same CC license, which is terrible to give to users freely.

I am looking for stuff that is basically public domain, where I can remix, modify, rename, repackage, whatever.
Some good CC-0 sample libraries exist, but I am unable to find IR files licenses similarly.

@falktx I think I'd search Freesound. All I know is at least CC-BY.

@falktx I've produced some on my own, so maybe you'd like to take hear them?

@unfa @falktx
I'm also on the lookout for nice impulse responses. These seem to be BSD-licensed:

and these have various CC licenses, the ones I checked are not share-alike:

@y6nH @unfa none of these licenses are good for audio.
requiring to give attribution makes things a whole lot complicated.
when you finally pick the IR, instruments, etc to use you need to get the credits right for each of them...
I plan to ship those with other software, so I would put the burden on getting attribution right on the user...
yeah this is nitpicking, but on commercial products we can't afford to risk anything.

Nils wrote about this quite clearly at

@unfa If they are CC-0/public-domain yes! would be very glad to. Otherwise I will keep looking.

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