Another one of those monthly reports is here.
Mostly about automated builds this time.

@falktx Nice work. Travis limiting their free services even further was what sparked Mixxx to move to GitHub Actions as well (and years of releases getting delayed for months because of troubles with self-hosted build servers). I wish there was a better way that did not involve GitHub, but it makes it so, so much more practical to do cross platform software development.

@falktx KDE intends to set up cross platform GitLab CI... at some indefinite future time. They currently use an elaborate self hosted Jenkins setup for cross platform builds. I've been periodically trying to nudge this along in the KDE Sysadmin Matrix room. There's one KMyMoney contributor trying to move this along but it seems to not be a high priority for the sysadmins.

@falktx When that GitLab CI is available, I'm hoping Mixxx could join KDE and leave GitHub. Of course that will require buy-in from other Mixxx developers, which isn't going to be there without that CI already working.

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