Making the KXStudio homepage more mobile friendly, getting most of the contents to be friendly to vertical layouts.
Still need to figure out a way to do a "hamburguer" menu or something to access all the previous menu entries.
But the content should be way more responsive compared to before.

Please give it a try at

Do you spot anything wrong?

PS: If you visited the page before, you might need to force-reload to get rid of browser cache.

@falktx is not that way still.
Clicking menu Software on main page, it takes you to Applications: it works as linking button and not as menu (it's very tricky to get to the page Plugins)

@porru News page is fixed, forgot to update that part.

The submenus are tricky to do without javascript, but you can get to all the pages still.
Under Applications there is a link on the top section of the document with a link to the Plugins page.

@falktx @porru I've used something like this technique in the past, ie the :focus or :focus-with selectors to show the content --

@falktx @porru Should do, I can look into it later if you like.

@dried no need, I already use the same techniques for getting the repo apps/plugins screenshots to show in bigger size without JS.
So seems it will be straight forward to have the same on the main menu. I quite like that the menu with dropdown can be hovered and clicked but yeah it breaks mobile hmmm

@falktx hmmmm, i swear there's a way to do it without js...

@dried @rghvdberg
solved it FYI, there is now in place some silly server-side detection of mobile vs desktop that will set the submenus as clikable (or not) depending on the user-agent string.

obviously it will fail sometimes, but since it is only for making something clickable or not, is fine..

on phones/tablets the dropdown wont open a link, thus working as intended. on desktop it should allow to be clicked just like before.

@rghvdberg that is because it is a link, the drop down menu is accessible on desktop with hover, but not on mobile where you cant hover anything.

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