Seems like it is finally happening.
JUCE will be adding official LV2 support 🚀

@falktx JUCE has always puzzled me. They seem to kinda imitate Qt except they don't seem to have any real interest in anyone using JUCE with the GPL license. The way their marketing presents the GPL license comes off like a freemium or trialware kinda thing.

@be @falktx i don't think most audio devs are super interested in foss and the culture around it, so it makes sense to me

@be @falktx JUCE is now owned by PACE, an anti-piracy software company (aka they make DRMs) most infamously known for inventing the iLok dongle:

If they weren't interested in it when they were part of ROLI, they certainly won't be interested in in moving forward.

@paul @falktx That's disgusting. Not that I was seriously considering it before, but I'll never use JUCE for anything now.

@falktx This is awesome news for JUCE supporting LV2, but lame that they were acquired by the same company who produced iLok. As a developer, now that they are being acquired by PACE, would you advice developers wanting to build FOSS audio to continue using JUCE or stay away?

@fusterclucker I recommend new devs to use DPF, made by yours truly ;)

If something in specific is needed that is not in DPF, I am always available for hire to get these features there sooner.

But realistically JUCE will stay on the top spot for a long time.
It has everything needed to get audio plugins with a few steps and code, while DPF is quite barebones by design (I prefer leaner frameworks, JUCE got too big IMO)

@falktx Got a link for the documentation for DPF? I was starting a build on a replacement for the jack-mixer that allowed input-output selection per channel, and was having a hard time getting started with it.

@fusterclucker I only have the same URL as mentioned in DPF readme, that being

I want to work on plugin documentation, now that things have stabilized a bit on DPF development side.

On a tangent but still related, MOD Devices (who I work for) is soon getting someone to help with this too. Since JUCE is not ready for LV2 just yet, we will likely just work on DPF directly as a way to push plugins+developers into the MOD platform. Everybody wins! :D

@fusterclucker Also, there is a rocketchat instance for us to discuss all things DPF-related. Link also in the DPF readme, that being

DPF does not have real widgets, so that is usually the biggest hurdle. But I made abstract classes for stuff I use in my own plugins, so devs only need to implement the drawing for buttons, knobs etc.

This is all made on free time and 100% liberally licensed, so you get what you pay for kinda deal. Always open to contributions of course!

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