With VST3 support coming to DPF, it is time for testing!
Can you help?

Build from (just "make" and copy the bin/*.vst3/ contents somewhere).
Alternatively use the pre-built binaries at the bottom of (there are builds for Linux, macOS and Windows)

Mainly interested on the VST3 plugin testing.
Let me know how these work for you, thanks!

@falktx I would like to help testing, but i can't find the prebuild packages?

@hoergen github is stupid, keep scrolling past the canvas-like view with the plugin build list, it blocks the mousewheel so it feels as if there is nothing more. it is really that stupid...

@falktx I did see that, but my mistake was, that i wasn't logged in, so it didn't give me a link to download.
Now I am and there is, so i could 😀
@falktx and i can't download it. It is extremely slow and the package " DPF-Plugins-linux-x86-45aa9b07 76.3 MB " stops at 25MB and is broken.

@hoergen huh github doesnt like us..
well in any case after testing in ardour and talking a bunch with Robin, I will have to change a few things on the VST3 implementation.
so... (re)testing will be needed later on.

@falktx i managed to download a ziped 25 MB package and decpmress it. Tested some of the VST3s in Bitwig. they don't have their own GUI (screenshot). Some of the controls are jumping around when turning them.

There should be a window icon on the left side vertical titlebar, like on the first device of the screenshot
@falktx Bitwig can't find the VST3. The screenshot is showing the path i adapted, because originally the path is


But even when I adept the path to this below it doesn't find the VST3


Maybe it is better to switch to github with issues I think.

@hoergen are you using 32bit? if not that would be the problem. you downloaded the x86 build, which is 32bit. you want x86_64 for 64bit

@falktx I downloaded the x86_64 . Will continue testing later and report on github (same name)

@hoergen well in any case opening a ticket and continuing discussion on github sounds good yes, thanks

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