It is official, I hate VST3.
What a mess of a plugin spec, this is stuff of nightmares.

Those that complain about LV2 have never dug deep into into VST3 internals...

From the UTF16, to arbitrary pointers being passed around like hot potatoes, to MIDI support being non-existent and needed workarounds being a complete mess, to component/controller separation being awful and awkward to work with, to having multiple ways to change parameters, to hosts doing things quite differently...

I hate it.

@falktx It's almost like companies handing down specifications from ivory towers don't do as good a job as a community discussing diverse concerns.


... and I thought it couldn't be worse than VST2?

@sjaehn VST2 main problem is that it was under documented and easily led to interpretation differences, so everyone did things in a slightly different way since it was not clear exactly what you had to do, leading to too many different implementations (where have I seen this before...)

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