Anyone wants to work together on a free plugin version of VCVRack?
Would be based on DPF, so we get LV2, VST2 and VST3 versions.

I can handle the build setup, but will need help from those knowledgeable of VCV in general, specially for dealing with module development.

If you are interested (and can offer something to help) please leave a comment on



I always wonder how you manage so many projects. I think there must be a

FalkTx::FalkTx (const FalkTx& that);


@sjaehn working on the same things for long periods of time gets very boring, gotta spicy it up a bit sometimes.
plus it is not like this is going anywhere, it is just an attempt to see if it is even possible.

I actually need to stop doing these tryout things, but at the moment I still need to be at home most of the time so... eventually these will slow down a **LOT**, that was my intention anyway if not for special circumstances that still keep me at home 😔

@falktx @sjaehn One main project is enough to keep me busy indefinitely 🤷

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