VCV as plugin initial tests have been a success so far.
Was afraid that maybe the way it relies so much on GLFW would not make it possible to embed its GUI.. making a subpar experience IMO.
But that is not the case!

The hard part for the UI is sorted out, now need to cleanup all the hacking around and make sure it can handle multiple instances...

So far so good though.

@falktx honestly I kind of lost interest in VCV RACK for the very reason that it wasn’t a plugin so anything i fucked with in there was hard to get into a DAW but your work is piquing my interest once more

@greenprocyon its standalone approach never caught my interest either. they promised a plugin version, so in theory the codebase should be capable of providing one.

@falktx probably. I’ve seen it done before like with veeseevst but your implementation will probably be much more polished and im excited to see the final work because i am not paying money just to have it as a plugin lol

@greenprocyon well my idea here is to see if we can get the original source unmodified and put some glue code on top to make it work as a plugin.
Some modifications were already needed, but still in a way that doesnt require changing upstream.

Without upstream changes some things will appear weird, like the file->quit menu that does nothing and library login we need to disable.
I can live with that myself tbqh.

@openmastering yes, but it is not open-source.
afaik it is only VST2 initially, and only works on the basic 3 platform/systems. We won't be able to run it on a raspberry Pi for example.
It just seems too limited, plus being closed-source we can't do nothing about these restrictions...

I didn't realize it would be closed. That's not good.
Thanks for your work all the more !!!

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