Let's start a poll: Yes or No.
Sadly I can't seem to upload files if doing a poll, so will just assume "Yes" based on stars or something... :P

There is no audio, but I can guarantee it works.
Just picking a plugin and it loads (embed gui testing here, a generic gui would be used if the gui cant be embed)

Just wondering how much interest there is on this one...

@falktx is this hosting LV2 plugins in a VST host? If so, hell yeah!

@nihilazo Carla is just doing the heavy work, but yes! 😊

@falktx would this help, for example, calf plugins to have an interface in reaper?

@kuacgraxa if embed then no, that one is unsolvable until they rework their UIs completely. for non-embed, we could have the UI running in a bridge, but then you lose access to the fancy graphs.

Basically doing GUIs in Gtk was a big mistake, hopefully one not repeated again.

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