Bless be Carla, may many be its bridges and engine modularity.

Now that I know this works well - lv2 plugin host in another plugin - can use it for testing and fun stuff.

Need to think of the best workflow for such a tool, but cool that it is even possible.
Grab it at if you want, dont forget to clone with submodules. No prebuilt binaries at this point, sorry, too early for that still.

Have a great day :)

@falktx , I use carla a lot as an alternative to kontakt... have you thought about making a plugin, similar to kontakt?
it would be very good, it's really missed, as well as other plugins that we don't have for linux yet :(

@kuacgraxa that already exists and it is called sfizz. no need to reinvent the wheel, go SFZ.

@falktx , I know this tool, I like it too, even so, still a little distant, I still think Carla does a lot more, as we have the freedom to combine it with different effects, inputs and outputs :)

@kuacgraxa it is just not comparable though. carla is a plugin host, not a sampler.
that said, making this new little mini-host "paginated" so it loads one plugin after another in series would kinda help with this.
load ildaeil-synth, load sfizz inside and then fx afterwards


The project description is unclear to me. Is this project a music composition software similar to LMMS?

@mstrohm What is unclear about "X is mini-plugin host working as a plugin, allowing one-to-one plugin format reusage"?


Where is this mini-plugin plugged into (which software)?

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