Keeping you all updated, here comes another monthly report.
Let us not speak of the rack 😂

@falktx do you ever bump the airwindows vst plugins collection to latest? Chris releases new plugins quite often.

@kawaiipunk He also ignored 2 major pull-requests since months... :(

I am taking a break from packaging in order to focus on other things, but now I know to keep watching airwindows more often once I go back to packaging again.

It will be a pain to handle though, because then I have to rebase the changes/patches. And we don't need yet another fork.
So I will rebase and bump the PR once I get back to this

@falktx it's no big deal! It's only a few new bits and bobs. There's hundreds of them already there.

@kawaiipunk I know of all of it. Obviously I appreciate the efforts from their side, but on our side it makes packaging much more complicated since we basically have to maintain a fork in order to package such project.

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