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History behind HaikuOS <3

One day I will be using that full-time. It is really close to that already.

When a Costumed Person Destroys The Drums At Children’s Music Concert 😮 🥁 🥁 🥁

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New post on my blog: "Self-hosting VSCode"

If you like neither VSCode nor Docker, pretend this blog post never happened 😄

For everyone else: this was actually quite an interesting experience and I love this setup!

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The Usenet Oracle

(Boosts appreciated.)

#TheUsenetOracle #TheInternetOracle #Woodchucks #zot

Comedy sketch of the day, cause you need a little bit of silly fun too.

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If you'd like to learn what is convolution (IR) reverb, I've got a nice video about this!
#unfa #MusicProduction #AudioProduction #FOSS #LinuxAudio #Audio

Experimenting with input + output metering

Picking a color palette is going to be hard... 🤔

After many hours, a knob is made.
🎉 🎉 🎉

Don't ask me how many hours this took 😂
(there was a whole lot of refactoring and setting up before it could be shown properly on screen...)

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Joe Biden’s new anti-terrorism initiative classifies “anarchist violent extremists” that “oppose all forms of capitalism, corporate globalization, and governing institutions, which are perceived as harmful to society” as “domestic violent extremists.”

> [...] this information could be used to give your computer a unique fingerprint/signature and enable us to track your usage of our Services after you log out


They list pretty much every available tracking technique available...

So at least they are honest I guess 😅

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there's a thin line between free software and free labor

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So here is a wild idea, no more new stuff or features after this month.
That is right, no more new development for half year, focus goes on polish and fixing.

Stuff to report on slows down, but if we go with that expectation from the get-go, we should not be disappointed.

Alternatively, going all-in would involve careful planning on things to report, reporting constantly on the many small things, always chasing about the "quick things that can be done and reported on", like a quick plugin port, fast untested releases and stuff like that.

Those sound too much like the capitalistic "short-term profits above all else". 🤮

Some time with just focusing on fixes might be what is needed, but need to set the expectations right...

Seems the dream for getting donations to cover costs is unfeasible. subscriptions from last month are decreasing, instead of the contrary.

Without having big splashy news, it is hard to have cool stuff to report on. Code rework takes a long time before there is anything to show, IF there is even anything to show anyway.

Might be time to slow down a bit.

where does time go..
one full day just for some little rework and moving code around, plus some little fixing.
but doesn't seem much :/

things are progressing very slowly, there are too many breaks and distractions it seems.

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New York Senate passes a bill supporting #RightToRepair .

Sounds like there's plenty more to happen, but seems like a good first step.

"This shows that Right to Repair has real support when the issue gets an actual vote, despite the efforts of tech manufacturers’ lobbyists"

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