287 modules so far.
(from Core + 10 collections)

Sadly there is a lot of stuff out there that is not ready for VCVRack v2, Valley being a very famous one.

Not even Befaco is fully ready, the branch where the new/main plugins live is not yet updated for v2.

Makes me doubtful that VCVRack v2 will be out in the short-term.. If they do release it, it is going to miss a LOT of modules.

Now with audio too!

It is at this point I realize I don't understand these CV concepts at all πŸ˜‚

Anyone can share cool patches that only use open-source plugins?

The VCV as plugin saga continues.
Now with plugins being setup for building. Added AudibleInstruments, Befaco and Fundamental so far.

Still need to get the actual engine to work, so it receives audio/midi from host and sends it back as needed.

But if we got so far already, that last piece should be quite doable too.

PS: if you know a must-have opensource VCV plugin, let me know! Shouldnt be too difficult to get more plugins in at this point.

Did you know, if separating the plugin into a different process, the toolkit issues go away?

1. Add "Run in bridge mode" option
2. ???
3. Profit!

The secret sauce is Carla, as usual 😊
But you won't even notice it is there.

The generic plugin view looks ok enough, making the gui-less plugins usable too.
Now it is just deciding if this is good enough as-is, or if something critical is missing before a release..
(not counting with final polishing/fixing of course, just the feature-set)

Tempted to just go with it as-is, if I wait for things to be perfect we are going to be here a very long time... πŸ€”

Just doing a test for the mini-plugin host thingy, this upload has audio, right?
The main plugin controls remain at the top now where they belong.

Bless be Carla, may many be its bridges and engine modularity.

Now that I know this works well - lv2 plugin host in another plugin - can use it for testing and fun stuff.

Need to think of the best workflow for such a tool, but cool that it is even possible.
Grab it at github.com/DISTRHO/Ildaeil if you want, dont forget to clone with submodules. No prebuilt binaries at this point, sorry, too early for that still.

Have a great day :)

Let's start a poll: Yes or No.
Sadly I can't seem to upload files if doing a poll, so will just assume "Yes" based on stars or something... :P

There is no audio, but I can guarantee it works.
Just picking a plugin and it loads (embed gui testing here, a generic gui would be used if the gui cant be embed)

Just wondering how much interest there is on this one...

Continuing VCV plugin saga..
Seems like multiple UI instances won't be a problem!

VCV as plugin initial tests have been a success so far.
Was afraid that maybe the way it relies so much on GLFW would not make it possible to embed its GUI.. making a subpar experience IMO.
But that is not the case!

The hard part for the UI is sorted out, now need to cleanup all the hacking around and make sure it can handle multiple instances...

So far so good though.

Doing some experiments with direct github.com/ocornut/imgui support in DPF.
One great thing from imgui is the absurd amount of existing widgets made for it.

So with a few lines of code I have a full blown text editor.
Integrates well into other things (ie, plugin GUIs)

Just need to sort out a few details regarding text/user input, and we are set for expanding the stuff DPF can do :D

I am truly amazed by the amount that some people really don't care about privacy, somehow it got to my municipal public transport having "Lorem ipsium" place holder text for its cookie usage descriptions πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Am I the first to see this? How is this even a thing?

Already wrote to them complaining, wtf...

The most curious things happen sometimes..
On a walk around in Lisbon after meeting with friends, I come across a protest for animal rights. Obviously I had to join! :)
Now in talks with the organizers, I just wish they did not rely on facebook so much... :/

Hi. I need some quick testing from people using Linux and High-DPI / >1 Desktop Scale Factor.

Just added support for this on DPF Linux side, so testing is very much appreciated.

To test:
git clone --recursive -b develop github.com/DISTRHO/DPF.git
make -C DPF

The test requires OpenGL and X11 develop packages installed and a working audio setup (if you are on archlinux you should always have this)

Let me know if it scales properly, see screenshot for an example

Finally it was my turn to get a vaccine too.
Quite straight forward and painless.
I was given the janssen one, so no 2nd round next month needed.

Please get yours too, and eventually we can all get together again safely. πŸ€—

An argument against client-side decorations (CSD) as a picture.

Can you guess which applications use CSD and which ones use SSD?

The inconsistency on these commercial applications is a constant annoyance...

My poor little server, so much ffmpeg importing @unfa 's videos πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Experimenting with input + output metering

Picking a color palette is going to be hard... πŸ€”

After many hours, a knob is made.
πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Don't ask me how many hours this took πŸ˜‚
(there was a whole lot of refactoring and setting up before it could be shown properly on screen...)

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