@hoergen interesting. getting it to build will be a bit tricky, but good one to have in mind for packaging later.

@dried @rghvdberg
solved it FYI, there is now in place some silly server-side detection of mobile vs desktop that will set the submenus as clikable (or not) depending on the user-agent string.

obviously it will fail sometimes, but since it is only for making something clickable or not, is fine..

on phones/tablets the dropdown wont open a link, thus working as intended. on desktop it should allow to be clicked just like before.

@dried no need, I already use the same techniques for getting the repo apps/plugins screenshots to show in bigger size without JS.
So seems it will be straight forward to have the same on the main menu. I quite like that the menu with dropdown can be hovered and clicked but yeah it breaks mobile hmmm

@rghvdberg that is because it is a link, the drop down menu is accessible on desktop with hover, but not on mobile where you cant hover anything.

@porru News page is fixed, forgot to update that part.

The submenus are tricky to do without javascript, but you can get to all the pages still.
Under Applications there is a link on the top section of the document with a link to the Plugins page.

Making the KXStudio homepage more mobile friendly, getting most of the contents to be friendly to vertical layouts.
Still need to figure out a way to do a "hamburguer" menu or something to access all the previous menu entries.
But the content should be way more responsive compared to before.

Please give it a try at kx.studio/

Do you spot anything wrong?

PS: If you visited the page before, you might need to force-reload to get rid of browser cache.

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Snowdrift.coop is still working to get launched, and we've made huge progress in charting the path forward. You can help too!

New blog post "What Snowdrift Needs to Launch"

#snowdrift #volunteer #elm #haskell #coooperatives #governance #flo

Finally it was my turn to get a vaccine too.
Quite straight forward and painless.
I was given the janssen one, so no 2nd round next month needed.

Please get yours too, and eventually we can all get together again safely. 🤗

@nicemicro @unfa by being very selective on the content that is hosted there. my instance is not open (though I would make an exception for unfa)

that said, it is a bit pricey at 40eur/month, but it handles all the stuff for me and kxstudio, so I think it is worth it.
from personal website, to nextcloud, to peertube, to gitea, to rocketchat, to mastodon.
and seems like I can still easily add a few more things if needed.

@unfa If they are CC-0/public-domain yes! would be very glad to. Otherwise I will keep looking.

@y6nH @unfa none of these licenses are good for audio.
requiring to give attribution makes things a whole lot complicated.
when you finally pick the IR, instruments, etc to use you need to get the credits right for each of them...
I plan to ship those with other software, so I would put the burden on getting attribution right on the user...
yeah this is nitpicking, but on commercial products we can't afford to risk anything.

Nils wrote about this quite clearly at hilbricht.net/foss-sampled-ins

@unfa entry to underground bunker.
though it is missing the stairs...

@unfa nah, all is fine.
My mastodon instance runs on the same server, so if you see me posting it means everything is still fine.

The channel is slowly being populated

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crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

An argument against client-side decorations (CSD) as a picture.

Can you guess which applications use CSD and which ones use SSD?

The inconsistency on these commercial applications is a constant annoyance...

@hoergen I am limiting the videos to 1080p. 4K seems unnecessary here..

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