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the updated link is now peertube.kx.studio/videos/watc

but seeing as there is no notification for when a live stream starts, I might go to the path of using non-unique URL (which then in this case does announce it)

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@rghvdberg no announcement. Time to create new stream entirely

@rghvdberg I think I would have to recreate the stream? I will stop the stream and start again as a test. I want the stream link to remain the same though.

@porru yeah I saw this before, doesnt it require setting up an XMPP account to use?

And well...

> This mode is not yet compatible with a Docker Peertube installation

so no-go for my current setup as it is.

and well, LiveChat could be just an iframe to some IRC room or something

@rghvdberg are you able to do that? or still something I need to enable on my side?

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@falktx looks like it drew inspiration from this illustration, which was on the cover of tape op magazine in 2012.

Glad to see 'right to repair' getting some mainstream public attention.
Starting from Louis Rossmann that is pushing hard for it as much as he can, to big YouTube channels like LTT and MKBHD talking about it as well.
Leaving here some links to all those 3 videos.

Rossmann: youtube.com/watch?v=Npd_xDuNi9
LTT: youtube.com/watch?v=nvVafMi0l6
MKBHD: youtube.com/watch?v=RTbrXiIzUt

PS: I know it is YouTube, not everybody likes it, but it is where most video creators and audience are at the moment.

I do not know where this comes from, someone shared it at work.
But pretty funny and informative at the same time

@rghvdberg @duponin github needs a 💩 reaction for when stuff like this happens. a sad face or thumbs down is not enough to show the emotion felt when seeing something like that.

@benofbrown it has been already there since some months now. See github.com/musescore/MuseScore

So since they already use google analytics for Musescore, kinda makes sense for them to add it for Audacity, no?

Not that I am defending them, but I think we are too late.
The way they are handling the whole thing makes me think they have future plans for Audacity besides this.

"Musescore Pro" is already a thing musescore.com/upgrade "Audacity Pro" next?

@unfa It is a bit too early for that project. readme clearly states:

> NOTE: Imogen is currently under development and will mostly likely not function as intended if you download it and try to build it

@rghvdberg The SDK is written in pure C and is Apache licensed which is compatible with GPL, so no excuses :)

One day soon we might even have ARA LV2! 🚀

@phr sounds like you need a limiter then, not a compressor.
they are similar but not quite the same.

@pixelflowers @phr sounds doable with carla, specially if most applications you use go through pulseaudio and you have pulseaudio->jack bridge setup. (so you dont need to reconnect stuff too much)

under ideal conditions, I am having 10ms latency for browser audio "recording".
this does not take into account internet/network, just local.
it is not very stable at that, often being at 20ms and at worse 40ms.
I dont think it is possible to go lower than this for the inputs.

now, from my tests before the playback latency is usually much lower, but still have to find a good way for this in native code and no more python...

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