@be you mean Matt? It is worth asking, even if I do not feel like it will be very fruitful.

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There's been a lot of new supporters joining my Patreon lately - thank you! One day I shall be making FOSS audio tutorials as my main job :)
#unfa #Patreon

@be not sure yet...

vital has some custom juce patches that I still need to apply to distrho juce fork.
so I need to manually diff the vital juce code dump, because damn it, it was really just a lazy dump of code for that release 😡
there is no history, or use of submodules for anything that could be a little clean...
so maybe after those changes are applied it works better, will verify soon.

also, the public code is old compared to latest commercial release, I bet we are missing bugfixes

I was curious and tried Vitalium on macOS.
It has the same crashes and issues that appear on Linux LOL.
Yay for cross-platform consistent crashes! 😂

(The same presets that crash lv2 version on Linux also crash it on macOS, and the same GL state mess on window re-creation is there too)

Vitalium builds ready!
Now in the KXStudio repositories, direct deb files in kx.studio/Repositories:Plugins as usual.

Still a few quirks to iron out, but looking very promising.

There are no presets, not sure about license for those. But you can rename/copy `~/.local/share/vital` to vitalium and have those accessible in the forked version.

Stories like these make me happy 😃
Also infuriating too, but this time with a nice end result.

@tromino I dont have flatpak setup here. but anyway, this will become a problem when mixing shared libraries.we already have that issue with ardour and aubio libs.. but this is likely not the place for this type of discussion.

to summarize, not coming to flatpak from my side, as I prefer to build things statically (so a binary will work on any system). but of course anyone is free to package/add them to flatpak, I can review such package.

@tromino ah yes, true. I will open a ticket about this so I dont forget.
this is quite the minimal compared to other issues, but still, thanks for bringing that up.

@tromino not really sure how that works...
so ardour has its own set of plugins that can be installed for it? because if/when other daws have different library versions, this will require alternative versions of these plugins as well.
there are a LOT of sorta-duplicated-but-not-really binaries of plugins and libraries...

@tromino not sure what you mean.. the logo being bigger than the text in the about page is an intentional visual/design choice.

@tromino audio plugins in flatpak cant really be a thing unless tied to the same libraries as the ones used in the host.

@unfa could I ask for some testing? you are used to this synth as you used it before. this one is too complex for me to assess if it is working correctly or not.

@reiso I agree the colors stand out a bit, so they do so as well in the original. I am trying to not change too much. The pink to orange conversion makes sense as default color change, for anything else I am not so sure...

@unfa no, this version will have no online features at all. I will change icon->logo, thanks

@nihilazo nothing, it is rather the contrary. original has trademarks plus authentication and other stuff that linux distributions are not allowed to use. so an alternative to the original is needed. the default color being different makes it clearer that this is a fork and not original.

@hoergen the vitalium version not just has a different name, but it uses a different config folder.
I am going to tweak the colors a bit so it is more clear when you look at official vital or the forked version.

on surge, it is on my todo

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