@zrythm being P2P is a big problem, at least for me. You cannot focus on privacy while going P2P. afaik peertube does not have the means to pay artists that want to make a living out of it, so having it never "deplatform" users does not mean much until that happens.

@zrythm that looks confusing but fun indeed! my view is much simpler in comparison.

@unfa I heavily disagree. IRC is working quite fine for ardour

@unfa yes, as using a midi sequencer without being able to record notes is quite the killer

@unfa I setup a dedicated mailbox.org account to use for kx.studio related things. I was already using them for my falktx@falktx.com mail, so this was easy to setup.

mostly you just need to put a custom DNS TXT entry so that they (mailbox) can verify you own the domain, then you can have your mailbox.org act as unfa.xyz.
I think you can have up to 5 accounts like this

of course, other email services work too. except google/gmail, they require business account for that

It could not get more obvious than this... shitty mobile applications that keep reading the clipboard every couple of seconds or keystrokes.
Trying to grab some extra user data behind the scenes...?


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@nurinoas chat is TELEports (telegram ubports). It works but very WIP, some clear issues can be seen. bottom text is not visible when opening keyboard. so I have to type while not seeing what I am typing haha.

oh and my nextcloud is running on a hetzner server, no complains at all about them.
even uses disks, not ssds, so it could be made faster.
it just has lots of ram so it caches a lot of stuff.

@nurinoas resposive the device is most of the time, I had to type a few commands on the terminal to get ssh working. after some minutes I was getting used to it. still locks up sometimes for a few seconds though, software issue for sure...
I also only tried ubuntu touch, so not much experience yet.
pinephone is releasing postmarketos edition next, so in some weeks I can try those builds.

@unfa Isn't that being replaced by "Google Meets"? or was it "Google Hangout Meets"... their naming is so confusing.

I have a PinePhone now! 馃殌
A couple of things don't work yet (camera and gps), but I might just be able to help out perhaps.
SSH'ing into your phone to run regular linux stuff is just so awesome. Damn it took long to get here..

A few pics here if you want to see it. 馃槂

Finally making some time for cross-platform things.
First up, updated jack2 in macos, success!
Just need to get qjackctl building too now.

(ignore the xruns, was testing many things together)

@unfa I tried this before, quite nice, though lacks in documentation a bit.
And also MIDI input, which is kinda killer.. I asked them what it take to get MIDI input working: github.com/helio-fm/helio-work

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Helio is a libre music sequencer designed to help the composer focus on the notes. It runs on all major platforms, including Android! You can compose on the go, and export MIDI files to turn the sketches into full-blown pieces later!
#MusicProduction #LibreAudio #FOSSaudio #MusicComposition #MIDI #Sequencer #Helio #Android

@unfa that box style and font looks exactly like juce-based plugins. I checked locally, do not have that here, so I would say it is not from distrho-ports.

You can do a quick grep to find the culprit.
$ grep -r "Error opening preset" /usr/lib/{lv2,vst}/

@unfa Someone already started with that, basically port groups in the canvas. but tbh I don't see this as essential, so likely I will still skip this for 1 release or 2.

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