The MOD Dwarf kickstarter campaign has started!
Proud to be part of the team.
Check it out, 😎

Glad to see it is not just me avoiding discord.

We have much better freedom-respecting options nowadays anyway.

@gcrkrause @unfa almost everything is better than google, in regards to tracking (except facebook lol).
I was being pedantic there.

It is generally okay to use peertube sites, much better than youtube in terms of leaking data for sure. But it is not full leak-proof. Maybe nothing is.. :(

@unfa @gcrkrause correct. from what I see in your link, the page does not load anything that is external, so no connection to google analytics, hotjar metrics or anything like that.
peertube sites for now require enabling JS which is not ideal, but understandable...

@gcrkrause @unfa peertube uses p2p, so I would not consider it much better in terms of leaking data...
It is great in the sense that taking down videos is much harder, but p2p solutions leak data by default :/

As someone that cares about data privacy, after watching this video I must absolutely recommend it.
It is a good take on a person trying to explain the issue to someone not very conscious/caring of it yet.

@Sturmflut the calculator is opensource, so that's something...?

Microsoft gets a *lot* of money from their EOL OSes, it is working quite nicely for now. I doubt they will change anything about it. I will be very glad to be proven wrong.

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@unfa I use ublock and didnt see such a thing. It was the first time for me using this site, so I am not sure how good or bad it is.
I can understand the adblock thing, speed tests are very expensive to maintain. But for sure it is not an error to have it, they just scare people into disabling it there.

today I realized mobile data would not cut it for me in the new office. so I went to setup a contract with an internet provider...
they are passing by tomorrow morning and by noon I will have 100Mb fiber internet.

I was so used to internet being shit in germany (berlin).
I thought I would have to wait 2 weeks, and then be on watch all day.
hah, none of that shit here, wow 😎

@unfa I have looked into it before, contrary to other stuff from teragonaudio, KickMaker was done with win32 APIs and can't just be made to work with Linux. They started some conversion work into Juce, but it was never finished

@gcrkrause The idea has been there for a while, has been my long-term goal since quite a few years. I am still not sure if it will be possible, but I want to try!

@gcrkrause Yes, I will have to make some adjustments. Though it is tricky with crowd-funding, as very suddenly things can go very wrong. So if it happens, it won't be right away, but I will begin making up a plan for it. So hopefully shortly after the goal is reached, yes :)

@unfa that explains the sudden appearance of a few patrons πŸ˜‚

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