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Agreed. I didn't mean to reduce it to a black and white proposition.

I've worked at a few places that used free software to different extents. For the most part the companies loved it and some paid more for sysadmins, devs and support than they did license fees to non-free software companies. It's just an anecdote and doesn't prove anything, but I like the free software ethos. There's definitely a place in the world for paid software too. I'm happy that RHEL exists and Debian too!

Remember that post where I mentioned Cardinal (VCV as plugin experiment) exposes room brightness as a parameter?
It was just a way to save the configuration through the host, with this being a plugin and all..

Someone actually placed a light sensor to control it! πŸ˜‚

> "Sadly, the brightness sensor of my phone is too lazy and updates its value at too low frequency, so I had to add some smoothing to make it look nice."

Something I have been wondering for a while.

If your free and open-source application/tool is good enough that makes people not want to use other non-free tools, are you responsible for a company closing down?
You can argue about business models and ethics, but a few things can really just stop existing because a "free" tool is simply good enough. It is not just software that disappears, it is jobs and careers.

The bar for some open-source tools competition is very high. With real side-effects

S'more news.
The menu bar is now adapted/custom for cardinal.
I tried to do it by keeping the old menu bar from VCV, but there is no way to reach some elements, so the whole thing needs to be overridden.

The file->quit menu is hidden if running as plugin (as otherwise would do nothing) and file->open now uses dpf file browser stuff. So at least this action should not block the even loop (making the plugin unusable).

Automated builds in (requires GitHub account)

Experimenting with parameters for Cardinal.
Idea being that the plugin exposes parameters that the host can control and automate, and inside the VCV environment they appear as regular CV sources.
Some little filtering to reduce stepping and it produces nice results.

Here you see Carla converting MIDI notes from a file into parameter changes that automate Cardinal's parameters.
The result is (sorta) playing the chocobo song purely out of plugin parameter automation πŸŽ‰ πŸ˜‚ πŸš€

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Today on the blog-o-sphere: @mmu_man delivers a long and storied post about laptops, open hardware (and the lack thereof), the new ThinkPads, and the claimed "support" for Linux that some hardware vendors (now Lenovo among them) provide.

With plugins, we are typically supposed to save state in the current session/host instead of files in the user dir.
So, with trying to preserve state for the upcoming Cardinal thing I am placing a few VCV related things as plugin parameters, so we can save&restore their values through the plugin host.

What ends up happening is sorta amazing, exposing the "room brightness" as a parameter means the host can automated it...
What a show πŸ˜‚

287 modules so far.
(from Core + 10 collections)

Sadly there is a lot of stuff out there that is not ready for VCVRack v2, Valley being a very famous one.

Not even Befaco is fully ready, the branch where the new/main plugins live is not yet updated for v2.

Makes me doubtful that VCVRack v2 will be out in the short-term.. If they do release it, it is going to miss a LOT of modules.

Now with audio too!

It is at this point I realize I don't understand these CV concepts at all πŸ˜‚

Anyone can share cool patches that only use open-source plugins?

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Donate to @falktx for is massive amount of work in creating and maintaining key foss audio software.

When I discovered, it changed my life and many would say the same. Finally I could make proper music with Linux.

When I wanted to make an audio plugin (without any prior programming knowledge) he pointed me to DPF and has helped me several times. So now I create opensource audio software too!

#opensource #audio #music #carla #jackd #dpf

The VCV as plugin saga continues.
Now with plugins being setup for building. Added AudibleInstruments, Befaco and Fundamental so far.

Still need to get the actual engine to work, so it receives audio/midi from host and sends it back as needed.

But if we got so far already, that last piece should be quite doable too.

PS: if you know a must-have opensource VCV plugin, let me know! Shouldnt be too difficult to get more plugins in at this point.

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October Update:

Introducing the #PinePhonePro - $399

#PineNote and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

#PineTime #InfiniTime major firmware progress & project management update

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Did you know, if separating the plugin into a different process, the toolkit issues go away?

1. Add "Run in bridge mode" option
2. ???
3. Profit!

The secret sauce is Carla, as usual 😊
But you won't even notice it is there.

The generic plugin view looks ok enough, making the gui-less plugins usable too.
Now it is just deciding if this is good enough as-is, or if something critical is missing before a release..
(not counting with final polishing/fixing of course, just the feature-set)

Tempted to just go with it as-is, if I wait for things to be perfect we are going to be here a very long time... πŸ€”

Just doing a test for the mini-plugin host thingy, this upload has audio, right?
The main plugin controls remain at the top now where they belong.

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