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Stories like these make me happy 😃
Also infuriating too, but this time with a nice end result.

Currently testing making public my current FLOSS work status, with a kanban-style board. Not just to make others aware of short/medium-term plans, but also things that are currently being worked on behind the scenes that usually are not seen until a big flashy release.

What do you think?

Carla 2.3-RC1 released!
See the release announcement at
Tagged as RC because of many internal changes and reworked macOS/Windows build setup.

ok so, as a step towards pushing for more open-source work remuneration, I have setup github sponsors stuff. see it at

I know not everybody likes github, but we have to appreciate their effort of trying to bring money to such projects. I have as a backup in case everything fails.

I will be setting up "sponsor" links in all my projects, like you can see in

On the topic of opensource work and donations, I have always been too ashamed to ask for anything.

I already have a liberapay and patreon page, plus a dedicated donations page on site, but they are often sorta hidden away, I never really "advertise" them.

But as life situation gets complicated, it is time to change that, right?
It is still a dream to work on open-source stuff full-time, but feels like the right time now to try and push for it.

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Initial/experimental LV2 just landed in latest reaper dev build, nice to finally see LV2 in a commercial DAW 😮 🎉

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@falktx No extra configuration needed, just installing PawPaw plugins and Mixxx and it worked.

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@falktx We got PawPaw's LV2 plugins detected in Mixxx on Windows :)

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A wide look at upcoming changes to the free and open-source creative toolset. Very exciting stuff! (retooting as previously I've posted a wrong link)

#FOSS #graphics #sound #creators #gimp #krita #inkscape #kdenlive #olive #natron #synfig #scribus #LMMS #Zrythm #Ardour #Blender

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New JACK2 release is here.

Focus on the macOS/Windows side this time, due to the improved work on cross-platform builds basically.


PS: I am done with releases for the day. Sorry for the spam

Also announcing PawPaw, a project that will do LV2 plugin ports for macOS and Windows.

Pushing LV2 forward!! Let's gooo!

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